Historical Football Kits


The Football League 1985 - 1986

football league logo 1888The 1980's brought a revolution in kit design, fuelled by the developing market for replica kits and the acceptance of shirt sponsorship - the Football League itself was now sponsored by a photocopier company and teams were permitted to wear sponsorship on their shirts. Advances in fabric manufacture allowed new ideas to be developed, including pin stripes, shadow stripes and complex designs woven into the fabric itself. There was increased competition among manufacturers, with Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Hummel as well as several small companies entering the market. The collars of the previous decade disappeared in favour of V necks with intricate trim. With all the variations available, every club in the league now wore a unique kit. 1985-86 was the last season in which clubs had to seek re-election: from now on automatic promotion and relegation took place between the Conference and Fourth Division each season.

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