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Peterborough United

Formed 1934

Elected to Division Four 1960

Kit History

peterborough united 1934-38

1934-1936 a v

peterborough united fc 1936-37

1936-1937 v

1937-1940 a q v

peterborough united 1946-47 kit

1946-1947 q

1947-1948 a

1948-1949 a

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1949-1950 a

1950-1953 o q

peterborough united 1953-54

1953-1954 q

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peterborough united 1955-57

1954-1955 q

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peterborough 1955-56

1955-1956 s

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peterborough united 1959-60

1956-1958 u

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peterborough united 1959-60

1958-1964 a q w

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peterborough united 1963-64

1964-1965 j q

peterborough united 1965-66

1965-1966 q w

peterborough united 1966-67

1966-1967 t

peterborough united 1967-68

1967-1968 j q

peterborough united 1968-69

1968-1970 g k

peterborough united 1971-72

1970-1972 d q r

peterborough united 1972-73

1972-1973 x

peterborough united 1973-74

1973-1974 c i r

1974-1975 i l

peterborough united 1975-77

1975-1977 i l


1977-1978 g


1978-1979 e p

peterborough united 1979-1981

1979-1981 i



peterborough united 1982-83

1982-1983 i q

peterborough united 1983-84

1983-1984 i

peterborough united 1984-86

1984-1986 i


1986-1987 i


1987-1988 i

peterborough united 1988-89

1988-1989 i


1989-1990 i


1990-1991 i


1991-1992 c i

The Posh
peterborough united 1992-1993

1992-1993 g i

The Posh
peterborough united 1993-95

1993-1995 c

peterborough united 1995-1996

1995-1996 c d


1996-1998 c i

peterborough united 1998-1999

1998-1999 c e q


1999-2000 c

peterborough united 2000-01

2000-2001 c

The Posh
peterborough united 2001-02

2001-2002 c e q

Goal International

2002-2003 c

peterborough united 2003-04

2003-2004 c i

peterborough united 2004-2005

2004-2005 i

peterborough united 2005-06

2005-2006 a

peterborough united 2006-2007

Aug-Dec 2006 a

Tempest Sports

Jan-May 2007 i

Tempest Sports
peterborough united 2007-08

2007-2008 a q

peterborough united 2008-2009

2008-Jan 2010 a

peterborough united home strip 2010

Jan-Apr 2010 a

peterborough united 2010-11 home kit

2010-2011 a

peterborough united fc 2011-12 home kit

2011-2012 a

peterborough united fc 2012-13 home kit

2012-2013 a

peterborough united 2013-14 home kit

2013-2014 a

peterborough united 2014-15 1st kit

2014-2015 a

peterborough united 2015-16 kit

2015-2016 a

peterborough 2016-17 1st kit

2016-2017 a


2017-2018 a

peterborough united 2018-19

2018-2019 a

peterborough united 2019-20 1st kit

2019-2020 a

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peterborough utd 2020-21

2020-2021 a

peterborough united 2021-22

2021-2022 a

peterborough united 2022-23

2022-2023 a

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peterborough united circa 1934In 1932 the original Peterborough & Fletton United collapsed after being suspended by the FA. On 17th May 1934 Peterborough United was formed as a professional club to fill the void. Councilor Jack Swain, who was acting chairman, told the public meeting that, “Peterborough will ultimately find a place in the Football League.”

Peterborough’s peculiar nickname, “The Posh,” is inherited from the older club. Player manager Pat Tirrel once remarked that he was looking “for posh players for a posh club” to play in the Northamptonshire League and the name stuck. (Another local story suggests the nickname derives from a pub that used to stand next to the ground called "Port Out, Starboard Home.")

The brand new club was welcomed into the Midland League although, to the embarrassment of club officials, they had to peterborough united crest 1949borrow £35 for the security deposit, subscriptions and entry fees. In no time at all, a share issue was made to raise funds, the London Ground was leased from Peterborough City Council and a team of professional players was signed up. Local gentlemen’s outfitters EB Jackson donated the first set of shirts, which happened to be green with a white V.

The team struggled both on the pitch and financially. A change to a blue and white kit bought by the Supporters’ Club for the 1937-38 season did not improve their fortunes and in 1939 they had to seek re-election.

The team wore a crest in the 1949-50 season based on the coat of arms of the Soke of Peterborough.

peterborough united crest 1995After the war, Peterborough’s performances in the Midlands League improved and they began to make an impression in the FA Cup. Over the next 15 years they were to knock peterborough united fc 1968out eight League clubs. Every year they applied for membership of the Football League without success. Finally, in 1960, the Posh were elected to the Fourth Division at the expense of Gateshead.

The Posh made an immediate impact, winning the Fourth Division title in their first season peterborough united fc 1973with a record 134 goals, 52 of which were scored by Terry Bly. For the next two seasons Peterborough challenged for promotion again. The coat of arms of the City of Peterborough (granted in 1960) were worn in the 1965-66 season and remained the basis for various versions of the club crest worn to this day. It did not, however, last very long in the first instance and was replaced by various monograms (technically cyphers) based on the club's initials or nickname.

In 1968 disaster struck. Having found the club guilty of various irregularities, the Football League ordered that they be relegated at the end of the season. They won the Division Four championship for a second peterborough united crest 1974time in 1974 but five years later they were back in the basement.

peterborough united fc 1977A change of image in 1977 saw the team wearing light blue and white stripes along with a smart new crest that revived the coat of arms first seen in 1965. The striped shirts were dropped after the Posh were relegated to the Fourth Division in 1979 where they spent the next 12 years.

Several variations on the club crest appeared over the following decade although they all retained the basic coat of arms.

Peterborough were finally promoted again in 1991 and the following peterborough united fc 1979season, having finished in sixth place, they won the play-offs to reach the second tier.

peterborough united fc 1987United were in Division One for only two seasons, finishing in tenth place in 1993, their highest league position to date. By 1997 they were back in the lowest division (now Nationwide Division Three) but in 2000 they won through the play-offs to return to Nationwide Division Two.

In 2005 they were relegated again to the third tier but recovery followed and in May 2009 they clinched promotion back into the second tier only to suffer relegation again the following season.

peterborough united fc 1990peterborough united 2003 crestIn 2008 Peterborough adopted a new circular crest that takes key elements from the city's coat of arms, including the motto "Upon This Rock" but is sufficiently different to be registered as a trademark.

Honours have been thin on the ground for The Posh but in 2013-14 they added the Football League Trophy to the two Fourth Division Championships they won in 1961 and 1973.

In 2020-21 The Posh won automatic promotion to the Championship after finishing as peterborough united fc 2008runners-up. To celebrate the club commissioned Puma to produce a replica of their 1990-91 strip, when they also won promotion on their way to the second tier. After a promising start, the Posh spent the 2021-22 season in the drop zone and, despite a late rally, they were relegated back into League One after finishing in 22nd place.


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