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The Football League 1939 - 1940

football league logo 1888The Football League was suspended on Sunday 3rd September 1939, the day after war on Germany was declared, with three games having been played. The implementation of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act 1939, passed 10 days previously, granted the government extensive powers to prosecute the war and these included a ban on the gathering of large crowds. Regional competitions were soon established in the interests of national morale but as many players joined the armed forces, some clubs fielded guest players while others were unable to fulfill their fixtures. Those close to major miltary facilities such as Portsmouth, Crystal Palace and Aldershot often included international players in their teams if they were stationed nearby. War time competitions are not counted towards players' career statistics or club records.

Over the previous decade styles had evolved. Laced and buttoned crew necks had almost disappeared and collared shirts were de rigeur. Hooped stockings appeared and a few teams sported a racy stripe down the side of their knickers.

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