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Scottish Football League 1975-76

By the mid 1970s attendances had dropped alarmingly. The Old Firm had re-established their dominance, Celtic winning nine league titles in a row between 1966 and 1974. The gulf between the two divisions and the dominance of the Old Firm led to a chronic lack of competition (relegated First Division sides usually ran away with the Second Division the following season). Furthermore the difference in standards within each division meant that only matches between the top ten or so teams were really competitive. The solution appeared to lie in restructuring to three divisions in order to concentrate the strongest clubs. The Premier Division consisted of 10 clubs who played each other four times. The new First and Second Divisions consisted of 14 clubs who played each other three times. In order to make the new structure work, Meadowbank Thistle were elected to the Second Division to even up the numbers.

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