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Formed 1903

Elected to Scottish Division Two 1904.

Withdrew from Scottish Division One 1917. Reinstated 1919

Kit History






(Original club)



aberdeen fc 1883

1881-1885 a m n u

1885-1887 n v

aberdeen fc 1888

1887-1903 a k m n







orion fc 1887

1887-1888 l w

orion 1889

1888-1898 n v

orion fc 1901-02

1901-1902 l m

orion fc 1902-03

1902-1903 m




Victoria United



victoria united 1889

1889-1896 m n v

1896-1897 n

1897-1903 k m n








Formed by the merger of the original Aberdeen, Orion and Victoria United

aberdeen fc 1903

1903-1904 n

aberdeen fc 1904

1904-1907 a m

aberdeen fc 1907-08

1907-1908 q

1908-1909 m

1909-1910 m

aberdeen fc 1910

Sept-Oct 1910

aberdeen fc 1911-12

March 11-1912 q x

aberdeen fc 1912

1912-1915 a m n q

Black lace-up collars sometimes worn

1915-1917 n

aberdeen 1920-21

1920-1921 z

Black centred stripes also worn

1921-1932 a m n

aberdeen fc 1927-29 away

1927-1929 away n

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1932-1934 m n q

buy aberdeen fc 1932-39 shirt

1934-1935 n

buy aberdeen fc 1932-39 shirt

1935-1936 n

aberdeen fc 1936-37

1936-1937 m

aberdeen fc 1937-38

1937-1938 m

buy aberdeen fc 1932-39 shirt

1938-March 39 s

aberdeen fc 1939

March 1939-1940 n

aberdeen fc 1945

1945-1954 a m n q

aberdeen 1954-55

1954-1955 r

aberdeen fc 1957

1958-1960 m n

aberdeen fc 1958-59 cold weather kit

1958-1959 2 r

Cold weather kit

1960-1961 1 m q

1960-1961 2 m r

aberdeen fc 1961-62

1961-Oct 62 1 r

aberdeen 1961-62

1961-1963 2 r

aberdeen fc 1963

1963- Feb 1964 h p r

aberdeen fc march 1964

March-May 1964 t

1964-1965 b h r

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aberdeen 1965-66

Aug-Sept 1965 r

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Oct 65-March 66 b h r


April-May 1966 r

aberdeen fc 1966-67

1966-1968 b f h m r

1967-1968 alt k

See notes
aberdeen fc 1968-69

1968-1969 r

aberdeen fc 1969

1969-Apr 71 a b h k

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aberdeen fc april 1971

Apr 71-1972 r

aberdeen fc 1972

1972-1975 a b

aberdeen kit 1975

1975-1976 p r

Bukta logo also worn on right
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1976-1977 a b n k

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1977-1979 k

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aberdeen fc 1979

1979-1982 b f k

aberdeen fc 1982

1982-1983 a f k

aberdeen 1982-83 v dinamo tirana

29 Sept 1982 k

v Din Tirana ECWC

1983-1984 k k

aberdeen fc 1984

1984-1985 a f k r

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1985-1986 a f k r

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1986-1987 b k r

aberdeen fc 1987

1987-1990 a f k r

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aberdeen fc 1990

1990-1992 b k r


1992-1993 b f k r


1993-1994 k q

aberdeen fc 1994

1994-1996 b f k

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aberdeen fc 1996

1996-1997 b j k


1997-1998 b j k

aberdeen fc 1998

1998-2000 b k r


2000-2001 b k

Le Coq Sportif
aberdeen fc 2001

2001-2002 e k r

Le Coq Sportif

2002-2004 e k r

aberdeen fc 2004

2004-2005 e k

aberdeen fc 2005

2005-2006 c k r

aberdeen fc 2006

2006-2007 a k r

aberdeen fc 2007

2007-2008 a o

aberdeen 2008-09 home kit

2008-2009 a o

aberdeen 2009-10

2009-2010 a r

aberdeen fc 2010-11 home kit

2010-2011 a

aberdeen fc 2011-12 home kit

2011-2012 a r

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aberdeen fc home kit

2012-2013 a

aberdeen fc 2013-14

2013-2014 a

aberdeen fc 2014-15 1st kit

2014-2015 a

aberdeen fc 2015-16 kit

2015-2016 a

aberdeen fc 2016-17 1st kit

2016-2017 a

aberdeen 2017-18 1st kit

2017-2018 a

aberdeen 2018-19 1st kit

2018-2019 a

aberdeen fc 2019-20 1st kit

2019-2020 a

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aberdeen fc 2020-21

2020-2021 a

aberdeen 2021-22

2021-2022 a

aberdeen fc 2022-23

2022-2023 a



aberdeen fc 1904The original Aberdeen FC was formed in October 1881, the initiative of three teachers from Woodside School. Following a public meeting the secretary was instructed to buy a ball, an inflator and eleven maroon jerseys. Their first match was played the following March against Coupar Angus, Aberdeen losing both the opening and return games. In 1888, the club won the inaugural Aberdeenshire Cup and in 1891, they joined the Northern League. In 1899, the club moved to Pittodrie, previously used as a site for the disposal of dung from police horses.

In February 1900, Pittodrie hosted an international between Scotland and Wales and a year later, Everton became the first English side to visit the city for a friendly match, which they won 3-1. After rejecting overtures from Hibernian, who wanted to take over and move to Pittodrie, serious efforts were made to bring together the three top sides in the city. An attempt to join the Scottish Football League was rebuffed adding momentum to the idea of a merger. On 14 April, 1903, Aberdeen FC, Orion FC (who originally played in "Bismarck" jerseys, a dark brown) and Victoria United (whose colours were blue) were wound up and the modern Aberdeen FC was constituted. The new club's colours were registered with the SFA as white, the same as the original Aberdeen FC.

Two further attempts to win election to the Scottish First Division were unsuccessful but in May 1904, the club replaced Ayr Parkhouse in Scottish Division Two. Playing in a new black and gold kit, the club was soon dubbed "The Wasps." After winning the Qualifying Cup in 1904, Aberdeen were finally elected to the top level following the decision to expand the First Division from 14 to 16 clubs in May 1905. (Second Division champions, Clyde were not elected - Aberdeen's elevation was largely due to the support of Celtic who perhaps feared the rivalry of another Glasgow side.)

The Scottish First Division continued throughout the Great War (although Division Two was abandoned) but with wages cut, travel restricted and players being called to arms, Aberdeen struggled to make ends meet. In 1917 the club resigned along with Raith Rovers and Dundee but they were welcomed back as soon as hostilities ended.

In 1937 Aberdeen reached the Scottish FA Cup Final for the first time. More than 146,000 fans packed Hampden to see Celtic win by 2-1. In March 1939, the club dropped their black and gold colours in favour of red and white, their colours to this day.

After the Second World War, Aberdeen enjoyed a spell of success. They won their first major trophy in 1947, beating Hibernian 2-1 to take the Scottish FA Cup. Beaten finalists in 1953 and 1954, they won the Scottish League Championship in 1955 followed by the Scottish League Cup and in 1959 they were again beaten in the aberdeen crest 1965Scottish FA Cup final. During the early 1960s the club endured something of a decline.

Generally the Dons wore plain red shirts throughout this era but in the mid 1960s a monogram crest was worn briefly.

After adopting an all-red kit in 1966, the Dons reached another Scottish FA Cup final in 1967 and qualified for Europe. After playing as Washington Whips in the United States Soccer Association (the predecessor of the NASL) during the close season, the shirtsaberdeen 1970 scottish cup final badgeworn in the United States appeared sometimes during the 1967-68 Scottish season, complete with numbers on front and back of the shirts. In 1970 The Dons won the Scottish FA Cup for the second time and a simple cypher crest was worn in the final.

Since 1972 the club's official crest, devised by local graphic designer Donald Addison, had been a letter "A" made up of the profile of a goal with a football (representing the crossbar of the letter): the ball was cross-hatched to represent the goal net. This was aberdeen crest 1979worn on the team shirts for the first time in 1979.

Aberdeen made a shaky start after the introduction of the Scottish Premier Division in 1975, narrowly avoiding the humiliation of relegation by beating Hibernian on the last day of the season to survive on goal average. With new manager Ally McLeod in charge, however, they won the Scottish League Cup for the first time in 21 years in 1976. In aberdeen crest 1983June 1978, McLeod having been tempted away to manage Scotland's humiliation in the World Cup Finals and his successor Billy McNeill gone to manage Celtic after less than 12 months in charge, Aberdeen appointed Alex Ferguson as manager.

aberdeen fc crest 1985In 1980 Ferguson guided the club to their second League championship. Two years later Aberdeen crushed Rangers 4-1 to win the Scottish FA Cup and in 1983 they won the European Cup Winners' Cup in Gothenburg, beating Real Madrid in the final. Ten days later they again defeated Rangers to take the Scottish FA Cup. After winning the European Super Cup aberdeen crest 1986they were named European Team of the Year. More success followed: in May 1984 they won the Premiership title and retained the Cup for the third successive season. Another League Cup win (1985) was followed by the Scottish FA Cup for the sixth time in 1986 before Ferguson left for Manchester United in October 1986.

Although Aberdeen were now well-known throughout Europe, the management realised aberdeen fc crest 2001that their crest was not recognised outside of Scotland, so commissioned a new version, which was adopted in 1986.

In 1990 The Dons won the Scottish FA Cup on aberdeen crest 2005penalties and the following season were pipped by Rangers for the Premiership title. The rest of the decade was comparatively lean and the club came close to relegation several times, although they did win another League Cup in 1995. No further honours came to Pittodrie for the next 19 years (they won the Scottish League Cup in 2013-14) and while they can still count themselves aberdeen fc crest 2014among the main rivals to the Old Firm, the golden days of Aberdeen FC seem a long way behind them.

Since 2005 the club crest has featured two stars that represent the Don's European triumphs from the Eighties. For the 2014-15 season only the 1979 badge aberdeen crest 2022-23was reinstated. The 2005 crest returned the following season.

To mark the fortieth anniversary of the Dons winning the European Cup Winners' Cup, a commemorative crest was commissioned and worn during the 2022-23 season on a strip closely modelled on the pinstriped shirts worn in the final in Gothenburg in 1983.

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Modern crests are the property of Aberdeen FC.