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Brechin City

Formed 1906

Founder member of Scottish Division Three 1923. Joined the Scottish Alliance in 1926 after the collapse of Division Three.

Elected to Scottish Division Two 1929. Relegated to the Highland League 2021.

Kit History

brechin city fc 1906

1906-1908 i s

brechin city 1908-09

1908-1909 i

brechin city 1909-10

1909-1910 m

brechin city 1910-11

1910-1911 i


brechin city fc 1926

1926-1929 i

brechin city 1927-29 away

1927-1929 Away i

brechin city fc 1930

1930-1931 i

1931-1932 i

brechin city fc 1932

1932-1934 i

brechin city 1934-35

1934-1935 i

brechin city 1935-36

1935-Sept 1936 k

brechin city fc 1935

Oct 1936-1937 e g i

brechin city 1937-38

1937-1938 i

brechin city 1938-39

1938-1939 i

brechin city 1945-46

1945-1946 i


1949-1951 a i

brechin city 1952-54

1952-1954 i

August 1954 f i

brechin city 1954-55

Sept 54-1955 i

brechin city fc 1955

1955-1957 i

brechin city 1958-60

1957-1960 i

brechin city fc 1960

1960-1961 i

brechin city 1960-63

1961-1963 i

brechin city 1963

1964-1968 f i

1964-1968 alt

Alternate kit
brechin city fc 1964

1968-1969 i

brechin city fc 1967

1969-1970 a i

1970-1975 i

brechin city fc 1975

1975-1976 i

1977-1978 i

brechin city fc 1978

1978-1981 a l p


1981-1984 a h l t


1984-1985 a l t

brechin city fc 1985

1985-1988 i j l

brechin city fc 1988

1988-1990 h n r

brechin city 1990-92

1990-1992 l


1992-1994 h l

brechin city fc 1995-96

1994-1996 l o

brechin city fc 1996-97

1996-1997 l o

brechin city 1998-99

1997-1999 l

brechin city fc 2000

1999-2001 h l

brechin city fc 2001

2001-2002 b c

Paulas Benara
brechin city fc 2002

2002-2003 a

Paulas Benara


Paulas Benara
brechin city fc 2005

2005-2006 a

Paulas Benara

2006-2007 a q

Brechin City 2007-08

2007-2008 a

brechin city 2009-10 strip

Aug-Oct 2009 a

brechin city 209-10 pendle home kit

Oct 2009-2010 a

brechin city 2010-12 home kit

2010-2011 a

brechin city 2011-12 home kit

2011-2012 a

brechin city 2012-13 home kit

2012-2013 a

brechin city fc 2013-14 home kit

2013-2014 a t

brechin city 2014-15 1st kit

2014-2016 a

brechin city 2016-17 1st kit

2016-2017 a

brechin city 2017-18

2017-2018 a

brechin city 2018-19

2018-2019 a


2019-2020 a

brechin city 2020-21

2020-2022 a

brechin city 2022-23

2022-2023 a



brechin city 1907-08Brechin City was formed when Brechin Harp and Brechin Hearts merged to form a single senior club at the urging of a deputation from the Forfarshire FA. The colours registered with the Scottish Football Association were "light blue" but this is misleading. The term was used in Scotland to distinguish the many teams who played in dark navy blue (often referred to simply as "blue") from those who played in mid-blue (such as Rangers, who were known as the Light Blues.)

Brechin were admitted to the Scottish League in 1923 but returned to non-league competition when the Third Division was abandoned in 1926.

The club got a second chance in 1929 when Bathgate and Armadale resigned. Brechin, Montrose and Nithsdale Wanderers applied for the vacancies, Nithsdale failing to be elected. Brechin had a poor record, usually finishing near the bottom of the table although they did manage tenth place in 1939, their highest position prior to World War Two.

Brechin adopted black and white hoops in 1935, initially worn with plain white socks, which were highly unusual at the time. These were dropped in 1936-37, no doubt to the relief of their laundry women.

When the Scottish League resumed in 1946, Brechin were placed in the new Division C (third tier), which comprised mainly of reserve sides. In 1954 they were champions and earned their first ever promotion. The following season they dropped their black and white hooped shirts in favour of plain red. They finished in last place and would have been relegated had Division C not been scrapped at the end of the season. During the 1950s the team did rather better, finishing regularly in the top six and winning the Qualifying Cup in 1951. The next decade is probably best forgotten: between 1962 and 1974 they finished brechin city crest 1978rock bottom no fewer than seven times. It was therefore no surprise when they were placed in the new Second Division (now the third tier) when the league was restructured after the creation of the Scottish Premier Division.

brechin city crest 1985The first time that Brechin sported any kind of badge appears to have been in 1978 when the club's initials were embroidered on their shirts. When Barralan supplied their kit, the lettering was arranged in two horizontal lines rather than the more conventional diagonal.

In 1983 this little club won a second championship and promotion to the First Division brechin city crest 1995(second tier). Two years later a new badge appeared that featured Brechin cathedral and a football. This was updated about a decade later to a version more suited to print reproduction.

brechin city fc 2006 centenary crestAfter four seasons in the First Division, City went down once more and for the next few seasons they bounced between the third and second tier, dropped into the new Third Division (fourth tier) in 1995 only to return the following season. They team moved between the Third and Second Divisions on a regular basis but in 2017 they reached the Championship (second tier). As part-timers in a division of full-time professional teams, they found themselves completely out of their depth and finished the season without a single win and were relegated with a mere four points. Despite starting the following season as favourites to go back up, Brechin finished last to suffer back-to-back relegations.

Glebe Park, which has a current capacity of just under 4,000, is noted for a hedge that runs down one side of the pitch.

In March 2020 Brechin were lying seven points adrift at the foot of League Two. When the SPFL membership eventually voted to curtail the season and to cancel the play-offs, City avoided the possibility of losing their place in the competition. They were not so fortunate the following season. After finishing ten points adrift at the foot of League Two they were well beaten by Kelty Hearts in the play-off final and were relegated to the Highland League.

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Crests are the property of Brechin City FC. Team photograph: Alex Wood Brechin City: the Early Years