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Hamilton Academical

Formed 1874

Replaced Renton in Scottish Division Two 1897

Kit History

hamilton academicals 1876

1876-1889 a b

hamilton academicals 1889

1889-1892 a

1892-circa 1900 a

circa 1900 a

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hamilton academicals 1903-04

1903-1904 r s

hamilton academical 1907-08

1907-1908 o

hamilton academicals 1908

1908-1913 a r s

hamilton academicals 1913

1913-1918 a

1918-1920 a

hamilton academicals 1920-21

1920-1921 u

hamilton academicals 1921

1921-1927 a c d

hamilton academicals 1927

1927-1935 a r s

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1927-1929 away a

hamilton academicals 1935

1935-1939 a e

hamilton academicals 1945

1945-Dec 1946 a t

hamilton academicals 1946

Jan-April 1947 a

1947-1949 Jan a

Feb1949-1953 a c d

hamilton academicals 1954-55

1953-1955 m t

hamilton academicals 1955

March 1955-1959 a

hamilton academicals 1959

Aug-Sept 1959 a

Oct 1959-Nov 61 a

hamilton academicals 1961

Dec'61- 1964 a

hamilton academicals 1964-65

1964-Sept 65 t

1962-1965 alt a

Cold weather kit
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Oct 1965-1969 a

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hamilton academical 1971

1971-1972 a

hamilton academical 1972

1972-1973 a

Aug 1973-Feb '74 a

Mar-May 1974 a

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Aug-Dec 1974 a

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Jan-May 1975 a

hamilton academical 1975

1975-1976 a

hamilton academical 1976

1976-1977 k

hamilton academical 1977

1977-Nov 1979 a

hamilton academical 1979

Nov 1979-1981 i k p

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hamilton academical 1981-82

1981-1982 t

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1982-1983 i t

hamilton academical 1983

1983-1984 i

hamilton academical 1984-85

1984-1985 p

hamilton academical 1984-85

1984-1985 alt p


1985-1986 i p

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hamilton accademical 1985-86

1985-1986 alt p

hamilton academical 1986

1986-1987 1 n t

hamilton academical 1986-87

1986-1987 2 t

hamilton academical 1987

1987-1988 c d i r


1988-1989 i l n t

hamilton academical 1989

1989-1990 f n t

hamilton academical 1991

1991-1993 i k n

hamilton academical 1993

1993-1995 i n p q

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hamilton academical 1996

1995-1997 i n p

hamilton academical 1997

1997-1998 i n p

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1998-2001 i n p

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2001-2003 g i n

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hamilton academical 2003

2003-2004 g i n

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hamilton academical 2004

2004-2005 g i n

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hamilton academical 2005

2005-2006 g h n

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2006-2007 c n

hamilton accademical 2008-09

2007-2008 p


2008-2009 c p

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2009-2011 c t

hamilton academical 2011-12 home kit

2011-2012 c

hamilton academical 2012-13 home kit

2012-2014 c

1874 Accies
hamilton academical 2014-15 1st kit

2014-2015 c

1874 Accies/Adidas
hamilton Academical 2015-16 kit

2015-2016 c

hamilton academical 2016-17

2016-2017 c

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2017-2018 c t

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2018-2019 c

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2019-2020 c

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2020-2021 c

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2021-2022 c

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2022-2023 c



hamilton academicals team group 1910-11The "Accies" (or "Acas" as they were known in their formative years) were formed by the rector of Hamilton Academy, James Blacklock. It was believed they played their first ever match against Hamilton FC's second XI on 12 December 1874, losing 1-2 but recent research (April 2016) by Stewart Mathers has established that on 17 October of that year they played a fixture against Gilbertfield, which they lost 0-2.

It is worth noting that "Academical" was their original title but even in 1874 the press called them "Hamilton Academicals" and this name stuck. In 1965 the club officially dropped the "s" from their name and returned to their original title. One might expect that the club would have adopted the blue and green of the Hamilton Academy but blue was worn bythe older Hamilton FC so it appears that the new club chose red and white instead. Hamilton closed down in 1878 leaving Academical as the town's premier team.

In 1893 the Acas became founder members of the Lanarkshire League. Three years later the club was co-opted into the Scottish Second Division when Renton resigned with four matches played. Hamilton finished second last in their first season but were re-elected. In 1904 the club won their divisional championship but failed to be elected to the First Division. Their frustration was alleviated when they applied again in 1906, having finished in fourth place, and were this time elected to the top level. Between 1908 and 1913 the team played in cerise and french grey shirts, the racing colours of the Duke of Hamilton. They would remain in the Scottish First Division for the next 40 years albeit with a pretty poor record. They generally finished below half way although they did have a flush of success in the mid 1930s, finishing fourth in 1934 and in 1935 they reached the final of the Scottish FA Cup, where they lost 1-2 to Rangers.

After the Second World War the Accies (as they were now known) were placed in the new 16 team Division A (top level) but finished last and were relegated to Division B. Apparently unable to obtain a set of hooped shirts (a problem several clubs faced due to clothes rationing), they turned out briefly in plain red before tradition was restored in 1946. In 1953 they won promotion but dropped back the following season. History repeated itself in 1965 with promotion to the Scottish First Division followed by immediate relegation. At the start of the 1970-71 season the club almost closed down: faced with an acute financial crisis the team failed to fulfil a fixture and tendered their resignation from the Scottish League. In a dramatic turn of events a new board of directors then took control and was allowed to rescind the letter of resignation. Hard times followed, Academical finishing 19th, 18th and 19th in a 19 team league over the next three seasons, a period during which the traditional hoops were replaced by vertical stripes. It was fortunate that re-election rules no longer applied. Performances then improved and when the league was restructured for the 1975-76 season, Hamilton were placed in the new Division One (now the second tier) and shortly afterwards reinstated their hamilton academical crest 1979hooped shirts.

In 1979 a crest was introduced for the first time. Based on the arms of the town of Hamilton, the three cinquefoils on the shield are the emblems of the Dukes of Hamilton. This badge has proved remarkably enduring and was still in use in 2015.

Between 1986 and 1989 the Accies were twice promoted to the Premier Division only to drop back again immediately. In June 1994 Hamilton played their last game at Douglas Park: until a new home could be built, the club would play at Partick Thistle's Firhill (1994-96), Albion Rovers' Cliftonhill (1996-98) and then back to Firhill (1998-2001). In 1996 they dropped briefly into the Second Division (third tier) and were promoted the following season. In 1999 they were relegated back into the Second Division (tier three) and the following season, disaster struck. In July the club failed to pay the players' wages on time, which the Chief Executive brushed off as "a temporary shortage of funds." On 1 April 2000 wages again failed to appear on time, which led to a players' strike and the fixture with Stenhousemuir was postponed. The club was subsequently docked 15 points consigning them to relegation to the Third Division (fourth level).

Their revival began the following season when they pipped Cowdenbeath for the Third Division title on goal difference but only 951 fans turned out to watch their final crucial match at Montrose - all of them apparently traveling fans. Grounds for optimism arrived when work began on the construction of their new ground in June 2000 and thirteen months later, the Accies were back in Hamilton playing in their New Douglas Park stadium.

In 2004 Hamilton were promoted back into the Scottish First Division, their sights set firmly on returning to the top tier, a feat achieved in 2008 when they finished as First Division champions.

An away defeat against St Johnstone at the end of 2010-11 took the team back into the First Division but at the end of the 2013-14 season, Hamilton became the first team to benefit from the play-offs introduced under the new SPFL structure. After recovering from a 2-0 deficit against Hibernian, the Accies won the penalty shoot out at Easter Road to return to the Premier Division. They had to take part in the play-offs again in 2017 but retained their place after beating Dundee United in the final.

Their luck finally ran out in 2021 when they finished last in the Premiership.

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