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Scottish League One 2013 - 2014

spfl logoThe third tier clubs receive a larger share of TV and other centrally negotiated revenues but are otherwise unaffected by the new structure of senior Scottish football apart from a new title and a new set of rules. As associate members of the SFL, Rangers did not have a vote over the restructuring proposals.

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airdrieonians fc august 2013home kit

Aug-Sept Home

airdrieonians 2013-14 home kit

Sept-May Home

airdrieonians 2013-14 away kit


airdrieonians  2013-14 third kit


Designer: Puma

Sponsor: Advance Construction Scotland (H, 3rd), Edusport Academy (A)

Relegated last season when they played as Airdrie, the club formally adopted the title Airdrieonians FC in June and now wear the crest of the original club. The new strips were not available for the start of the season so last season's home kit was used: the blue third strip appeared in August with old SFL competition patches.

The new home and away graphics are based on official CADs and are subject to alteration once production kits are available.

(Mark Randall, Andrew Kennedy)



arbroath fc 2013-14 home kit


arbroath fc 2013-14 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Prosperity Offshore investment Consultants

Pendle's kits have, over the last few years, usually incorporated swirling features and trim but now we have a home strip of elegant simplicity. This is the first time in Arbroath's long history that contrasting white sleeves have been worn with their maroon shirts.


Ayr United

ayr united 2013-14 home kit


ayr united 2013-14 away kit


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: Bodog

Nike's Striker III design has been chosen for both home and away kits. There really isn't much more to say.


Brechin City

brechin city fc 2013-14 home kit


brechin city fc 2013-14 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Delson

City have returned to all-red after two seasons wearing white shorts. The new home shirt is fashionably simple while the away strip is more typical of Pendle's recent designs (worn by Alloa last term).


Dunfermline Athletic

dunfermline athletic 2013-14 home kit


dunfermline athletic 2013-14 away kit


Designer: Joma

Sponsor: The Purvis Group

After going into administration in April, Dunfermline were docked 15 points, which resulted in their having to contest the relegation play-offs. Defeat by Alloa consigned the club to the third tier. The supporters' group, Pars United succeeded in buying out the club and persuaded the club's creditors to write off the £10m debt in its entirety.

The new home kit is an interesting interpretation of the traditional striped shirts while the away kit is described officially as turquoise and navy.

(Alasdair Shaw)


East Fife

east fife fc 2013-14 homekit


east fife fc 2013-14 away kit


Designer: 1903 (Own Brand)

Sponsor: DOE Sport (H), MTE (A)

The distinguished all-black outfit worn for the last two seasons has been superceded by an excellent retro home kit inspired by the shirts worn in the 1930s. It's just a shame that they didn't go the whole way and match these with white shorts. The away strip appears to be a Pendle template but when it was worn for the first time at Brechin City in August, it had no branding.


Forfar Athletic

forfar athletic 2013-14 home kit


forfar athletic 2013-14 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Orchard Timber Products

Forfar usually change just one strip each season and it is the turn of the away set this time round. The choice of navy for both home and away shorts is puzzling and although there will be no obvious clashes in the league, alternate sets may be needed for cup games.



rangers fc 2013-14 home kit


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rangers fc 2013-14 away kit


rangers 2013-14 third kit


Designer: Puma

Sponsor: Blackthorne

With Umbro sidelined, Rangers have turned to Puma as their new technical sponsor. The new set of strips are standard Puma templates but with just enough detailing on the home version to make it identifiable as a Rangers kit. The away version has Puma's sloped yoke in navy marl with "gold" trim while the tradition of black third strips is maintained.

(William Hogg)



stenhousemuir 2013-14 home kit


stenhousemuir fc 2013-14 away kit


Designer: CIC

Sponsor: Gulnar Restaurant (H), Figure 11 Communications (A)

Home and away strips are unchanged apart from the shirt sponsorship: a popular Tandoori Restaurant in Larbert has signed a three-year deal to have their name on the home strip and Figure 11, who have supported the club in the last two seasons, now appear on the away shirt.



stranraer fc 2013-14 home kit


stranraer fc 2013-14 away kit


stranraer fc 2013-14 third kit

Club Home

Designer: Stanno

Sponsor: Stena Line

The home shirt is unchanged but blue shorts replace last season's black sets, which is a distinct improvement. The away strip is again in an unusual colour combination and a very basic red strip is also available, although it is hard to see when this might be needed.