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Barclays Premier League 2008 - 2009

The English Premier League is dominated by four clubs. Manchester United (the current English and European champions) and Chelsea between them owe £1.5 billion to their backers. By comparison the debts owed by Liverpool, racked by a very public feud between their joint owners last season, (£300 million) and Arsenal (£265 million) are modest but fans of United and Arsenal are concerned that most of these debts are loans taken out to purchase the clubs by their new owners, the liability for which has now been transferred to the clubs themselves.

Stoke City return to the top level this season after an absence of 23 years and Hull City make their debut at the top level after a dramatic play-off final win.


arsenal home kit 2008-09


arsenal 2008-09 alternate kit for away games


arsenal 2008-09 away kit


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arsenal 2008-09 third kit


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: Emirates Airlines

The Gunners' new home kit is likely to divide opinion among supporters, replacing the famous white sleeves with a redcurrant trimmed stripe as it does. Nike's first kit for the club in 1994 caused considerable controversy when it was revealed that the sleeves were partially red. The alternate version, with red stockings, was used in all away games except at Newcastle or where The Gunners changed into their away or third kit.

The new away kit is inspired by the one worn in 1988.

Thanks to Daniel Mágés, Alex Cavell, Steve Watson, Stepehn Kelly and Umit Singh Dhuga.


Aston Villa

aston villa home kit 2008-09


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astin villa alternate home kit 2008-09



v Manchester City March 2009
aston villa away kit 2008-09


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Away Euro

aston villa kit v west ham april 2009


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: Acorns Children's Hospice

Villa unveiled their new outfits at a public launch in the centre of Birmingham in July. In place of the usual commercial shirts sponsor, the new kits carry the logo of Acorns Children's Hospice, an organisation that the club has been associated with for some time.

Last season's white change shirts were worn when Villa were eliminated from the UEFA Cup by CSKA Moscow in February. They appeared for a second time in the home game with West Ham in April when the match referee ruled that Villa's claret and blue home top was too similar to the Hammers' change kit and were worn with the blue home stockings. The shirts lacked the Acorns logotype but some quick work with an iron meant that Villa appeared for the second half with their sponsor's name freshly applied.


Blackburn Rovers

blackburn rovers 2008-09  home kit


blackburn rovers 2008-09 away kit


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blackburn rovers 2008-09 third kit


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Crown Paints

Blackburn have a new shirt sponsor this season and introduce a set of redesigned kits. The home shirt, in traditional blue and white is without the complicated trimmings that have spoiled the Rovers' halved shirts over the last ten years. Umbro have learned from last year's nasty design to produce a classic worthy of this fine old club.

The new dark navy away kit features a striking blue and white panel that cleverly echoes the traditional halved tops. The third kit is basically the same outfit used last season as an away strip but with modified trimmings, presumably because Umbro have retired last season's template.

Contributors were Jon Jones, Toffee Mad, Edward Burroughs,


Bolton Wanderers

bolton wanderers 2008-09 home kit


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bolton wanderers 2008 alternate kit


bolton wanderers 2008-09 away kit


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Designer: Reebok

Sponsor: Reebok

Bolton return to their traditional navy shorts for the new season, having played in all-white since 2003. The shirts feature a bold yoke in faded navy. Since 1990, Bolton have been in partnership with Reebok, who seem to change their logo as often as Bolton change their kits. The away kit is exactly the same design but in an interesting combination of old gold and dark grey.

My thanks to Stephen Toogood, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Fernández, Greg Bullen, Andy Gallagher, Todd Prisk, Chris Merrils and Andy Roackall.



chelsea 2008-09 home kit


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chelsea away kit 2008-09


buy chelsea 2008-09 away kit
chelsea third kit 2008-09


Designer: Adidas

Sponsor: Samsung

Chelsea debuted their new home kit in the final league game of last season and wore it in the Champions' League Final in May. Surprisingly restrained, this kit retains the classic features of the modern Chelsea "look" with the addition of adidas stripes. On the short sleeved version, the stripes end mid way down to allow a clear space for competition logos to be applied. The club's new away and third kits are bog standard Adidas template in all-black and gold respectively.

Oliver Bessex and Peter Smith reported the new third kit.



everton 2008-09 home kit


everton 2008-09 away kit


everton third kit 2008-09


everton special edition 2008-09

Special Charity Shirt

Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Chang Beer

The new Umbro template that replaces the fussy affair introduced last year features in Everton's new home kit in traditional royal blue and white. In keeping with the recommendations of the Portman Group, replica kits sold in junior sizes will not feature the Chang Beer logo. The new away kit is based on the same template unveiled by West Ham for their own away strip in May, but in this instance featuring a dark navy and grey flash on the chest. The new third kit is in fashionable fluorescent yellow and deep navy blue. Following a successful trial last season, the club have created a special edition pink shirt, the proceeds from sales going to the Breast Cancer Campaign, NSPCC and the Everton in the Community charity. This shirt will not appear on the pitch.

Thanks to William Hodgkinson for details of the new away and charity kits; Todd Prisk and Lee Fenton sent in details of the third kit.



fulham 2008-2009 home kit


fulham 2008-09 away kit


fulham 2008-09 third kit


Designer: Nike

Sponsor: LG Electronics

Fulham retained their place in the Premier League after a dramatic final round of matches last season. For 2008-09 they have introduced a new home kit, a simple affair in their usual white and black. The new away kit is similar to last season's but replaces stripes with Nike's new halved shirt template, a design that is proving very popular this season. The advantage of using off-the-peg Nike equipment is that all the elements of the kits are interchangeable, so the team can turn out in all white or with black shorts matched with their halved shirts as needed.

Reporters were Andy Gallagher, Todd Prisk and Ben Gershaw.


Hull City

hull city 2008-09 home kit


hull city 2008-09 away kit


hull city 2008-09 third kit


January 2009

Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Karoo (Home), Kingston Communications (Away)

Contrary to information previously published on HFK, Hull appear in the Premier League for the first time wearing a new striped home kit. Their new away kit was launched in May. Described as "flint" (not dark grey at all then) with amber and black trimmings, Hull may have to contrive some friendly games if it is to get an outing as none of the Premiership clubs wear colours that will require a change.

The similarity between Home and Away kits led to Hull being forced to borrow shorts and/or socks for some games (eg v Newcastle) so in January, the old white change strip was reintroduced to serve as a third kit.

Thanks to Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Fernández, Tony Hunter, Nicholas Eames, Adam Balchin, Ade Kellers & Robin Thompson.



liverpool 2008-09 home kit


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liverpool 2008-09 away kit


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liverpoll 2008-09 third kit


buy liverpoll third kit 2008-09

Designer: Adidas

Sponsor: Carlsberg Brewery

The new Liverpool home kit is on the face of things, a simple affair but there is some intricate detailing in the inner neck, which features a chequered pattern inspired by the flags waved on the Kop, the words "This is Anfield" and a miniature Liver bird. The kit is worn with the now fashionable knee length shorts. The away kit revives the silver grey theme first seen in 1987 while the new third kit, primarily for use in the Champions' League, is a peculiar shade of green and worn with black shorts.

At Arsenal in December Liverpool wore their gray shirts with red shorts and stockings.

Thanks to Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Fernández.


Manchester City

manchester city 2008-09 home kit


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manchester city 2008-09 change kit


manchester city 2008-09 away kit


buy man city away shirt 2008-09
manchester city 2008-09 third kit


manchester city v schalke 04 2008

Third alternate

v Schalke FC Dec 08

Designer: Le Coq Sportif

Sponsor: Thomas Cook

City's new home kit, unveiled at the end of June, is not much different from last seasons: the pinstripes have gone and the shirt and shorts now carry an assymetric trim. The pale shade of blue that has been a feature of Le Coq Sportif's kits for City is retained. Where required, matching shorts can be worn away from home. The new away kit is a striking reinterpretation of the club's popular red and black striped kit. The dark red stripes feature a curious mottled pattern woven into the fabric. The collection is completed by a spectacular strip in "blaze orange" and dark navy.

Thanks to Robert Lee. George Tomlin, Richard Worth and Matt Rossall.


Manchester United


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manchester united home alternate kit 2008-09


manchester united 2008-09 euro kit

Champions League

manchester united 2009 fifa world club champions

March 2009

manchester united 2008-09 away kit


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Away alternate

manchester united 2009 champions league final kit

Champions League Final

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manchester united third kit 2008-09


buy manchester united 2008-09 third kit

Designer: Nike

Sponsor: AIG

United's home kit is unchanged for the 2008-09 season but a new away kit, consisting of white shirts and blue shorts, has been introduced (worn with blue socks at West Ham). To mark the 40th anniversary of Manchester United's first European Cup win, an all-blue third kit has been created. This features a miniature version of the badge worn in 1968 inside the collar and the words May 29th 1968...40th Anniversary embroidered round the badge. This extra embroidery was dropped after 1 January.

After United won the World Club Championship in December 2008, the club were granted permission by FIFA to wear a commemorative badge on their shirts. This first appeared on 11 March in the game against Internazionale and is to be worn until the next championship is decided in 2009.

Thanks to James Davin, Andy Gallagher, Josue Meza and Dave Smith. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Fernández reported on the third kit.



middlesbrough 2008-09 home kit


middlesbrough 2008-09 away kit


Designer: Errea

Sponsor: Garmin Sat-Nav

Last season Middlesbrough consulted their fans when deciding on their kits for the new season, a process that HFK was proud to be associated with. Support for the return of the white chest band was overwhelming: as one supporter put it, "You see teams in all red on the telly all the time but the chestband makes Boro stand out from the rest." Errea, who have provided Middlesbrough's kits since 1994, have come up with a fine interpretation of this iconic strip, with the chest band merging into the shoulder seam on the left side. The away kit also takes inspiration from the blue and black change kit first worn in the seventies.

Thanks to Fabrizio Taddei and Edward Burroughs.


Newcastle United

newcastle united 2008-09 home kit


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newcastle united 2008-09 away


buy newcastle united 2008-09 away kit
newcastle away kit 2008-09 variant

Away Alternate

newcastle united 2008-09 third kit


Designer: Adidas

Sponsor: Northern Rock Building Society

Newcastle's home kit is unchanged and is now complemented by a simple all-purple away kit. This is the first time that the club has worn purple, a colour that has never really caught on in the UK. A brand new third kit in silver completes the wardrobe.

Thank you Col Powell. Jonathon Auty sent in details of the third kit. Alisdair Gibbs-Barton spotted the variant away kit, first worn in the League Cup in August.



portsmouth 2008-09 home kit


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portsmouth away kit 2008-09


buy portsmouth 2008-09 away shirt
portsmouth 2008-09 third kit


Designer: Canterbury

Sponsor: OKI Printing Solutions

These days clubs will use any excuse to bring out a special commemorative kit. Portsmouth achieve a first by producing a "110th Anniversary" kit in all blue with gold trimmings. Pompey, of course won last season's FA Cup wearing all-blue and in the late sixties they spent five seasons wearing all-blue with red, white and blue trim. The club have announced that they intend to return to a more traditional outfit next season. The new third kit was launched ath end of August and is all-black with metallic gold trim. Embroidered below the redesigned badge is "110 YEARS."

Anish Banerji spotted the new third kit for HFK.


Stoke City

stoke city 2008-09 home kit


stoke city 2008-09 home kit variant


stoke city 2008-09 away kit


Designer: Le Coq Sportif

Sponsor: Britannia Building Society

Stoke make their return to the top flight in a kit that is likely to divide supporters. The shirts remain faithful to the club's traditional stripes but with a single very broad stripe dominating the chest. The predominantly white shorts and stockings have been associated with Stoke's kits since the mid 1960s. Red shorts and socks are often used away from home. The home kit is complemented by a yellow and blue away kit, which has also been worn with red shorts and socks.

Thanks to Konark Sikka, Justin Herriman and Alec Vjestica.




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sunderland 2008-09 away


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sunderland 2007-08 away kit


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Boylesports

Umbro have retired the template introduced last season in favour of a less fussy design, incorporated here in Sunderland's latest kit. The new away kit is in royal and navy blue, an unusual combination for Sunderland, with broad stripes and all-navy sleeves. There is some evidence that the earliest Sunderland teams wore these colours in the nineteenth century. Last season's white change kit is retained as a third choice.

Details of the away kit provided by Daniel Mágés, third kit by Andy Gallagher.


Tottenham Hotspur

spurs 2008-09 home kit


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spurs 2008-09 away kit


buy spurs 2008-09 away kit
spurs 2008-09 third kit


spurs 2008-09 euro kit


Designer: Puma

Sponsor: Mansion.com

Having introduced no fewer than four kits last season, Spurs have restricted themselves to three new shirts for 2008-09. It is an expensive business supporting Spurs. Navy shorts return for the home kit, which can also be worn with white shorts and socks if required. The away kit is an attractive all-sky blue affair, a familiar alternative, while the new black third kit is marketed as Puma's XL King range, a brand name associated with Puma's football boot from 40 years ago. I'm sure they have their reasons. Traditionally, Spurs have worn all-white when playing in European competition.
Thanks to Andrew Rockall for the Euro kit details.


West Bromwich Albion

wba 2008-09 home kit


wba 2008-09 away kit


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: tba

Umbro's new design for West Brom is a recreation of the iconic broad navy and white stripes worn during the 1970s, with some subtle modern touches. These include a navy pinstripe, a false collar and breathable insets on the side of the body. Otherwise the shorts and stockings are standard 2008 Umbro templates. The away kit reinstates the popular alternative yellow shirts but pairs them with navy rather than the customary green shorts.

At the time the kits were launched, the club had yet to secure a shirt sponsor and offered customers the chance to return their replicas to have the sponsor's details applied but no deal was arranged and for the first time since the Premier League was formed, a team played without sponsorship for the entire season.

Thanks to Stephen Mills, Alastair Smith, Terry Morley, Andrew Rockall, Peter Smith, G Danks, Chris Matterface, J Peutherer, Mike Teague - good grief, I had no idea West Brom were so popular!


West Ham United

west ham united 2008-09 home kit


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west ham september 2008

Home September

Home December

west ham away kit 2008-09


buy west ham 2008-09 away shirt
west ham 2008-09 away sept

Away September

West Ham United december 2008 away kit

Away December

west ham united 2008-09 third


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: XL Holidays (until September): SBOBet.com (from December)

West Ham's new home kit sticks firmly with tradition and features a false collar. The Hammers's new away kit was released in May: a smart all sky-blue outfit with a claret and white band across the top of the chest that is very distinctive and likely to be popular with supporters. Last season's away kit now serves as the Hammers' third choice. Following the collapse of travel company, XL, in September the team appeared in unsponsored shirts adorned with squad numbers on the chest.

A new shirt sponsorship deal was negotiated with on-line betting company, SBOBet and the new shirts were unveiled at the beginning of December. Junior and academy teams wore the logo of the Bobby Moore Cancer Research Fund.

Thanks to Edward Burroughs.


Wigan Athletic

wigan athletic 2008-09 kit


wigan athletic 2008-09 away kit


Designer: Champion

Sponsor: JJB Sportswear

Few neutral observers gave much for Wigan's chances of survival when they were promoted to the Premiership in 2005 but here they are, embarking on their fourth campaign at the top. The club have revived the old "tree and crown" badge, fondly remembered by fans with long memories and the new shirts feature JJB Sportswear's new logo. The fussy detailing of last season's Umbro template has been eliminated and the new streamlined kit is now manufactured by Champion, a brand of JJB, in the club's distinctive "broadband blue" and white. The new away kit in fluorescent yellow bears a striking resemblance to Chelsea's away kit from last season.

Thanks to Steve from yeoldtreeandcrown and Andy Gallagher for details of the home kit. Tom Derbyshire reported the away kit.