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Irn Bru Scottish Second Division 2011 - 2012

irn bru scottish football league sponsorsThanks to the play-off system four out the ten teams that started last season in Division Two will now play in different divisions,a remarkable turnover of 40%. It is unclear what will happen to this division if the SPL's proposals go forward.

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Airdrie United

airdie united 2010-12 home kit

Home 1

Aug - Nov
airdie united 2011-12 home strip

Home 2

From 26 November
airdrie united 2010-12 away kit


airdrie united 2011-12 third strip


Designer: Surridge (Home), Umbro (Third)

Sponsor: St Andrew's Hospice (Until November): Advance construction Scotland (from 26 November)

Airdrie kept their kits from last season until a new sponsorship deal was announced in November. The shirts worn with the new logo appear to be recycled Diadora tops from 2007-08 with the manufacturer's logo removed. The new red third strip by Umbro was worn for the first time at home against Brechin City on 17 December (causing the visitors to change into their black and white second choice kit).

(Alasdair MacNèil, Martin Gooday)


Albion Rovers

albion rovers 2011-12 home kit


albion rovers 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Macron

Sponsor: Reigart Demolitions (Home), Scotshield Security (Away)

The Wee Rovers celebrate their first promotion since 1989 thanks to a 4-3 aggregate win in last season's play-off final. The team have played in a variety of colours over the last few seasons and have rung the changes once again, with an all-red home strip. Traditional yellow is used for the trimmings.

(Stephen McEwan)



arbroath fc 2011-12 home kit


arbroath fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Ogston's Hotel Group

White shorts are restored to Arbroath's home kit and prominent white trim appears on the shirt. The yellow and navy away strip is also new.

(Alasdair MacNèill)


Brechin City

brechin city 2011-12 home kit


brechin city 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Cancer Research

It's a long time since Brechin wore white shorts with their usual red tops. With the exception of the 1978-79 season, they have worn all-red since 1969. The away kit goes back even further, to the period 1935-55 in fact, when black and white were the first choice colours.



cowdenbeath fc 2011-12 home kit


cowdenbeath fc away kit 2011-12


Designer: Umbro

Sponsor: Subsea Pressure Controls

Relegated last season, Cowden have looked to the past in an attempt to revive their fortunes. The choice of red stockings with their traditional blue shirts and white shorts was a familiar combination at Central Park between 1955 and 1965. The away kit is in the Brazilian national colours: well they are the Blue Brazil after all.



dumbarton fc 2011-12 home kit


dumbarton fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Surridge

Sponsor: Bet Butler

White has often featured in Dumbarton's traditional gold and black outfits and it works very well in Surridge's latest design for the club's home kit. The white away strip, with light blue and black trim is perhaps even smarter.


East Fife

east fife fc 2011-12 home kit


east fife fc 2011-12 away kit


east fife fc 2011-12 third kit


Designer: 1903 (Home, Away), Hummel (Third)

Sponsor: Cogen Energy (Home), MTE (Away), East Fife Supporters Club (Third)

This season East Fife are marketing their home and away kits under their own "1903" brand, this being the year the club was founded. The marque has a gold star (for winning the Scottish Cup in 1938) and three silver stars (for three League Cup wins). The excellent home strip revives the all-black theme seen in 1995-96 and 2005-06. The club's black and gold colours are represented on the red away strip by the side trim on the shorts and it is a shame that this idea is not replicated on the shirts, where the black sash would have looked very good if edged in gold. Hummel's white change kit from last season is retained as third choice and is now sponsored by the supporters' club.

(Graeme Houston)


Forfar Athletic

forfar athletic 2011-12 home kit


forfar athletic 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Pendle

Sponsor: Orchard Timber Products

Forfar have taken the unusual step of recycling last season's striped change kit and registering it as their first choice, a marked contrast to the mainly navy strips worn in recent seasons. A spokesman explained that the club had introduced a new tangerine away strip and wanted to avoid supporters being asked to buy two new replica shirts.



stenhousemuir fc 2011-12 home kit


stenhousemuir fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Hummel

Sponsor: Figure 11 Communications (Home), Apex Hotels (Away)

Stenny's home shirt is only slightly changed from last season. The shadow stripes are dropped and the kit is now worn with white shorts. Light blue trim is retained on the home shirt, which happens to be the corporate colours of the new shirt sponsor. The away strip is white and black with grey trim on the shirt.


Stirling Albion

stirling albion home kit 2011-12


stirling albion fc 2011-12 away kit


Designer: Puma

Sponsor: Prudential Insurance

Albion are wearing white sleeves this season, which as just as it should be.