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Republic of Ireland


The Republic's results were poor during the 1960s and early 1970s and they failed to qualify for any major competitions. Things improved after Johnny Giles became player-manager in the 1970s and when the young Liam Brady came into the side, Ireland became even stronger, narrowly missing out on qualification for the 1978 World Cup.



republic of ireland 1959


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In 1959, Ireland replaced their old fashioned collared shirts with modern V necks. The Irish team reached the quarter-finals of the European Nations' Cup in 1964. The team almost qualified for the 1966 World Cup after Syria withdrew, leaving Ireland to play-off against Spain after both team won their home games. Under pressure from the Spanish FA, the FA of Ireland agreed to move the decisive play-off from Wembley, where a large ex-patriot Irish support would have been guaranteed, to Paris. Spain won 1-0.

A change kit was not required during this period.


republic of ireland 1967


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1969 v Hungary

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Designer: O'Neills

Results in the late 1960s were poor and the republic missed out on the 1968 European Nations finals as well as the 1966 World Cup. Plain white stockings were worn for a game with Hungary in 1969, to avoid a clash with the Hungarian's predominantly green socks.


republic of ireland 1969


republic of ireland 1970 v hungary

1970 v Hungary

1969-1972 Change

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ireland 1972


republic of ireland v france may 1973

1973 v France

May 19 1973


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irleand south emerica tour 1974

South America Tour May 1974


Designer: O'Neills

The national team's crest was altered slightly in 1969 and now featured four shamrocks rather than the traditional three. Former Leeds and Ireland international Johnny Giles became manager and under his leadership, combined with the influence of the young Liam Brady on the pitch, the Republic's results steadily improved.

When the team travelled to Paris in May 1973 their kit did not arrive (rumour has it that someone at the FAI forgot to put it on the plane) so their hosts provided them with an all-green Adidas strip.

The kits for the 1974 tour of South America were made by a Brazilian company, Athleta.


republic of ireland 1976


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republic of ireland v france 1976

1976 v France

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1976 v Turkey

1976-1978 Alternate

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republic of ireland 1976 change kit

1976-1978 Change


Designer: O'Neill's

In 1976 O'Neill's won the contract to supply the national team's kits. The company was based in the Republic and already supplied kits to most, if not all of the teams competing in Gaelic Football and Hurling. O'Neill's would be the FAI's kit provider for the next decade and would deliver kits with inexplicable variations, such as the outfit worn in Turkey in 1976. O'Neill's signature shirt and shorts trim bore a striking resemblance to Adidas' standard outfit of the period. Curiously enough, when Ireland travelled to Paris in 1976, they wore green Adidas shorts: presumably they had travelled with their regular kit and had to buy an alternate set locally because of a clash with France's shorts.

During the qualifiers for the 1978 World Cup, Ireland managed to beat a strong French side but missed out on qualification by two points.

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