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Formed 1868. Disbanded 1894.

Founder member of Scottish Division Two 1893. Resigned 1894.

Kit History

1878-1880 b

1880-1886 b

1886-1895 a b



The Thistle were one of the many clubs that sprang up in Glasgow under the influence of Queen's Park FC. There are no records of where they played in their formative years and it is possible they led a nomadic existence before settling into the Dalmarnock district in Glasgow's East End in 1882, playing at Dalmarnock Park (1882-84) and later Beechwood Park (1884-1892). Their closest rivals were Clyde FC and Eastern FC.

In 1891 they became founder members of the Scottish Alliance, one of several competitions set up in imitation of the Scottish Football League. They finished last in the 12 team league but the following season they managed fifth (out of ten).

In 1892 they had to leave Beechwood Park and moved to Braehead Park in the Oatlands district. While this was very close to their former home it was on the other side of the Clyde and occurred when the old Rutherglen Bridge, which provided access across the river, had been demolished and the replacement would not be completed until 1896. As a result their core support was faced with a lengthy journey to home matches.

In 1893 the Alliance was incorporated into the Scottish League as Division Two.

The club made little impression and finished in last place, suffering a number of heavy defeats, including a 1-13 hammering at Partick Thistle. The club folded at the end of the season and before the re-election proceedings at the Scottish League's Annual General Meeting took place.

A group of supporters almost immediately formed Strathclyde JFC which returned to Dalmarnock and competed at junior level until it too was wound up in the 1960s.

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