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Formed 1881. Disbanded 1900.

Elected to Scottish Division Two 1895. Resigned 1900.

Kit History

1881-1886 a b

1886-1887 a

1887-1900 a b



Linthouse is part of the Govan district of Glasgow, a shipbuilding area south of the River Clyde. The football club, one of many that sprang up in the city in the late nineteenth century, played at Langlands Park. In 1891 they became founder members of the Scottish Football Alliance, one of the leagues set up immediately after the Scottish Football League was formed in 1890. The "Linties" won the competition in its inaugural season - no mean feat considering that every one of the 12 competing teams would become members of the Scottish Football League within a few years. In 1894 they moved to Govandale Park.

In 1895 Linthouse were elected to the Scottish Second Division but at the end of the season they finished last (out of ten teams competing at that time) and had to apply for re-election. After three ballots Linthouse received more votes than Wishaw Athletic and retained their place. In 1899 the club again faced re-election, having finished ninth out of ten and once again they were successful. When they finished in last place the following season the board decided enough was enough: it was clear that they would never be able to compete with their close neighbours, Rangers and so the club withdrew from the Scottish League.

Linthouse were without a league competition for 1900-01 but they did enter the Scottish FA Cup and were eliminated in the Second Round without kicking a ball. Clydebank forfeited their first round tie and Linthouse then scratched from the next match against Motherwell. Shortly afterwards Linthouse went out of business.

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