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Inverness Thistle

Formed 1885

Merged with Caledonian in 1994 to form Caledonian Thistle

Kit History

inverness thistle 1890

1890-1894 d

inverness thistle 1894

1894-1902 d

1902-1904 d

inverness thistle 1904

1904-1905 d e

inverness thistle 1905

1905 d


inverness thistle 1920-21

1920-1921 d

inverness thistle 1920

1921-1925 e

inverness thistle 1932

1932 e

1936-1938 e

inverness thistle circa 1950

circa 1950 j

buy inverness thistle 1951 shirt

1951-1955 d e k


inverness thistle 1960

1960 e

inverness thistle 1962-63

1962-1963 d i

inverness thistle 1963

1963-1966 d

1966-1968 d

inverness thistle circa 1968-69

1968-1969 i

Dates not confirmed
inverness thistle 1969

1969-1970 h

inverness thistle 1970

1970-1974 e h

inverness thistle 1977

1974-1976 e h

inverness thistle 1976-77

1976-1977 l

inverness thistle 1977

1977-1979 h

inverness thistle 1979

1979-1980 e h

inverness thistle 1980

1980-1983 e

inverness thistle 1984

1984 e

inverness thistle 1985

1984-1986 e

inverness thistle 1987

1987-1988 e

inverness thistle 1991-92

1991-1992 l

inverness thistle 1992

1992-1993 e

inverness thistle 1993

1993-1994 e f



inverness thistle 1904-05 teamInverness Thistle was formed in 1885 along with rivals Caledonian and were joined by a third senior club, Clachnacuddin a year later. In 1888 these three clubs became founder members of the North of Scotland FA and a year later, Thistle absorbed Crown FC and won the Inverness Charity Cup, their first honour. Their first recorded colours were chocolate and white, an extremely unusual combination in Scotland. In 1893 they helped form the Highland League, winning the title at the first attempt. Two years later they absorbed another local team, Inverness Union FC and moved into Kingsmills Park, which would be their home until 1994.

For the next 80 years, Inverness Thistle (known as "The Jags") competed in the Highland League, winning eight championships in all. Their last honour was the Inverness Cup, won in their final season.

Thistle applied to join the SFL in 1973 but lost out to Ferranti Thistle (who became Meadowbank Thistle) by a single vote. Like the other top Highland League sides, the Jags earned a strong reputation in the Scottish Cup and in February 1985 they knocked out Kilmarnock. The Scottish League, however, remained a closed shop until the decision to restructure the competition for the 1994-95 season, created two additional places.

To ensure that Inverness would finally have a team playing in the top-flight, Thistle and Caledonian submitted a joint bid over the objections of many of their supporters. This was accepted and the extraordinary task of amalgamatiing these two historic rivals began in the summer of 1994.

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Photograph courtesy of Inverness Thistle FC