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Formed 1882. Merged with Bo'ness Cadora JFC in June 1945 to form Bo'ness United JFC

Founder member of the reformed Scottish Division Two 1921. Expelled 1933.

Kit History

bo'ness fc 1884

1884-1895 a b c

bo'ness fc 1895

1895-1897 c

1897-1919 c e

bo'ness fc 1919

1919-1925 c

bo'ness fc 1925

1925-1927 c

1927-1930 c

bo'ness fc 1927-29 away

1927-1929 away c

bo'ness fc 1930-33

1930-1933 c



bo'ness fc 1910-11In the late nineteenth century the port of Bo'ness (or Borrowstounness) was a thriving centre of heavy industry sitting on the southern bank of the Firth of Forth. The football club was formed in 1882 and played in friendly and cup games until they joined the Eastern Alliance in 1891. Bo’ness played in various leagues until 1909, when they entered the Central League.

The club seems to have closed down in 1915 for the duration of the Great War, resuming when the Central League restarted in 1919. The competition was now strengthened by the addition of a number of former Scottish Second Division clubs and for a while it was a serious rival to the national competition. In 1921 the Central League was incorporated as Scottish Division Two, Bo’ness among them. The club regularly finished in the top half of the table and were champions in 1927, playing for one glorious season in the Scottish First Division.

For the next four seasons they finished in respectable mid-table positions apart from 1931, when they wound up in last place. The club was by now facing serious financial problems and during the 1932-33 season they were unable to provide match fees to visiting clubs. With 14 fixtures played, Bo’ness were expelled and their results declared void.

After a season in the Scottish Alliance (1933-34), Bo’ness joined the Edinburgh & District League, followed by the Scottish Football Combination and finally the East of Scotland League (they were not members of any league in 1937-38).

In 1945 the club was wound up and merged with Bo’ness Cadora JFC to form Bo’ness United and joined the Scottish Junior FA. They are now one of the strongest junior sides in Scotland.

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Photo credit: Falkirk Community Trust