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Durham City

Formed 1918. Wound up 1938.

Founder Member of Division Three (North). Failed re-election 1928.

Kit History

1918-1922 a c d

1922-1923 b e

durham city 1924-25

1924-1925 g

durham city 1926-27

1926-1927 f

durham city 1927-28

1927-1928 c



durham city afc 1922 team groupCity came into existence immediately after the First World War and initially played in the Victory League, joining the North-Eastern League a year later. In 1921, Durham were one of four clubs from the north-east invited to join the new Third Division (North) without having to seek election. In their first season, City finished bottom of the League but were re-elected.

The team originally played at Garden House Park then spent four seasons at Kepier Heughs before moving to Holiday Park (on Framwellgate Waterside) until their demise in 1938.

In 1928, Durham again had to seek re-election but this time they failed to win sufficient support, their place going to Carlisle United. The club rejoined the North Eastern League where they remained until 1938 when they disbanded. An attempt was made to reform as Durham AFC at the beginning of the 1938-39 season but this club also foundered in November 1938.

In 1950 a new Durham City FC was formed and was admitted to the Wearside League, joining the Northern League two years later. This club still exists, playing in the blue and gold of its predecessor.

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